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Learn more about Bennett and his battle with cancer by visiting the Team Bennett webpage.

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We are always looking for volunteers to help us as we get closer to the holiday season. Please contact us if you would like more information.


December 14, 2011 changed our lives forever as our 18 month old son was diagnosed with brain cancer. As we spent the Christmas holiday in the hospital numerous gifts were brought to cheer him up. One gift in particular, a Build-a-Bear donated by two sisters that had lost a sibling to cancer years before, made us take action. We promised ourselves that if we ever were lucky enough to leave that grey hospital room with our son that we would give back to those families and children that found themselves in the hospital at Christmas, just as we had. Thus, Bennett's Bears was born. Donating Build-a-Bears to children at the hospital who are unable to be home during the holiday season has changed our life. It gives the children something to hold on to and gives the parents a smile on their child's face, a gift ever parents wants to see.

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2016 was our most memorable year to date. We have been able to donate over 8000 bears to ill children at area hospitals. We look forward to making 2017 our biggest donation year yet.

2011 - The gift of one Build-a-Bear to Bennett gives life to our journey.

2012 - ​Bennett's Bears begins our first year of collecting and we are able to donate 250 Build-a-Bears to patients at Texas Children's Hospital during the Christmas holiday.

2013 - With word of mouth and social media advertising, Bennett's Bears is able to donate over 950 bears to children at multiple hospitals around the Houston area.

2014 - 2016 ​We are able to donate over 5000 Build-a-Bears to pediatric cancer patients and ill children Texas wide.


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